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Outgoing Thomas has many hobbies, including swimming, Gaelic football, wrestling and music. The nine-year-old's many friends and family instantly recognise him by his beaming smile

"Thomas and his brothers are very protective of each other"

This is our son, Thomas, he is nine-years-old and is now in P6 at St Anthony's Primary School, Craigavon, where he loves to go every day. He has a lots of friends there and everyone knows him. He has a ‘hiya’ and a smile for everyone.

Thomas has two brothers, Jude, 7, and Harvey, 1, who he loves very much and them him. They are very protective of each other, even though at home they could fight like cat and dog, but that’s brothers for you.

Thomas enjoys swimming and has got his five-metre badge and is now trying for his 10. He also enjoys going to Gaelic training and loves music too, but his favourite is wrestling, which he loves to watch on his iPod. His favourite wrestler is Sheamus (The Great White).

Thank God Thomas never had any health problems, he has a very caring and outgoing nature and hates to see anyone sad. With a smile on his face from morning to night he would brighten up anyone's day.

Thomas's Photos

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