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Lucy's struggle with language skills at school hasn't stopped her from progressing - in fact it has made the fun-loving seven-year-old - who loves art, cooking and swimming - even more determined to succeed

"Lucy is, above all, happy"

Lucy is now seven-years-old. She is in class three at Donard School in Banbridge. Lucy goes off to school happy each morning. We are so proud that when we ask her how she gets to school she clearly replies, "On the yellow bus".

We are very happy with Lucy's school. She receives regular speech and language therapy. Lucy has poor language skills, but she remains determined to make her needs known. She enjoys weekly visits to Tesco with school and loves getting extremely messy during art activities. Cookery is also great fun - although the buns don't always make it home!

Lucy is sociable. She is an extremely happy and fun-loving child. She has great fun with her siblings. She recently started swimming with the Special Olympics Club in Brownlow Leisure Centre. Lucy loves the water. The highlight of Lucy's summer was a trip to Funtasia Water Park in Drogheda. She had a ball going down the big slides. Lucy had another fantastic day at The Donkey Sanctuary in Antrim. She sat like royalty as she was paraded around on one of the donkeys. Lucy enjoys playing with dolls and loves babies. She loves to nurse babies and likes to help out feeding them.

Lucy loves to watch television. She enjoys films. Her favourites at the minute are Hairspray, Tangled and Camp Rock. She likes to sing along with all her favourite characters. Lucy loves music. In June she was awarded the Donard School for music and drama. We were so proud of her and she clearly enjoyed her moment of fame. She shows everyone her shield.

Lucy is full of love for everyone. She has a very determined streak, which we are hopeful will be to her advantage. Lucy above all is HAPPY!

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