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Brave Liam had open-heart surgery at eight-months-old, but is now feeling "great" and dreaming of playing football and taking spins on his granddad's lawnmower

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"I've learned so many things like spoon-feeding, rolling over and clapping my lego bricks"

Hi there! My name is Liam. I was born on October 12, 2011 in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. I have a serious heart defect, which has a big long name, but my doctors call it an AVSD for short. My mummy and daddy found out at my 20-week scan about my heart and that I was going to need surgery. The doctors also told them that I would have a 70-80% chance of being born with Down's syndrome. They were very shocked, but were still so very excited to meet me.

When I was born, I needed to have extra oxygen, so I spent almost three weeks in the neonatal unit. I tried my very best to learn to suck a bottle, but my heart defect meant I just wasn’t strong enough, so I had to go home on NG tube-feeding.

I had open-heart surgery in the Royal hospital in Belfast when I was eight-months-old. I was very sick after my surgery and I spent nine days in intensive care. My mummy and daddy were very worried, but I had all the best doctors and nurses looking after me and they gave me special medicine to help me get better. I was eventually allowed home with my mummy and daddy after three weeks in Clark Clinic.

Since having my surgery, I feel really great! I have learned so many things like spoon-feeding, rolling over and over, clapping my lego bricks and at the minute I’m learning to sit up and drink from a cup. How clever am I? I have two big brothers called Sean and Cormac, who teach me lots of things, including stuff that they shouldn’t.

I can’t wait until I can run and play football with them, we’re going to have so much fun. My granddad says that I can help him drive the lawnmower too when I’m bigger – how cool! My mummy and daddy think I’m amazing and that I’m the bravest boy ever. They always say that their lives have changed for the better since I was born. Our whole family have made so many new friends and we have learned so many new things. Everyone is very, very proud of me. I truly am a special and very much loved little boy.

Liam's Timeline
  • Liam in the neonatal unit just after he was born.

  • Liam's first Christmas

  • Liam and Daddy before surgery

    Liam and his Daddy just before surgery on Monday 21st May.

  • Yeah! Heading to the Clark Clinic

  • Everyone's together again!

  • Liam's surgery is over at last. Celebration day!

  • Boo! Halloween time for Liam

  • Liam's first time on a swing!

  • Mummy's boy!

  • Happy first birthday Liam!

  • Liam's first birthday cake!

  • Liam meets the president of the GAA

  • Liam and his crazy brothers!

Liam's Photos

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