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After open-heart surgery at a young age, loveable Jay has gone from strength to strength, becoming something of a local celebrity - and even rubbing shoulders with A-list pop stars

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"Jay and his sister, Olivia, had their photo shown on a big screen in Times Square"

Jay was born on December 23, 2003. At first, we didn’t realise that Jay was born with Down’s syndrome, so when the doctors told us, we were very shocked. However, it didn’t take us very long to realise that such a special boy had came into our world.

Jay had a serious heart problem and other health issues, which meant he had to have quite a lengthy stay at Clark Clinic in the Royal Victoria’s Children’s Hospital. They were fantastic and they looked after Jay in such a wonderful, caring way.

Jay had a very successful open-heart surgery when he was three-months-old and he still gets to visit Dr Sands, his amazing consultant. His big sister, Olivia Rose, was so happy to have her little brother home.

Shortly before Jay turned two, both Jay and Olivia were chosen to have their photo shown on the huge screen in Times Square, New York. This was part of the Buddy Walk, a charity that is set up in America for Down’s syndrome.

When we were there, the organisation took a photograph of us, the Beatty family, which was later used as the flyer and the poster for the following year's Buddy Walk throughout the USA.

Jay attended Drumnamoe Nursery School, who were so good with him and provided a brilliant foundation for him to begin his education at mainstream school.

He started Tannaghmore Primary School at the age of five and is now in P4. He just absolutely loves it and also loves Seaneen, his very own assistant, who he has a very special bond with, and Miss Murtagh, his teacher. All of the teachers and students in Tannaghmore really do have Jay’s best interests at heart and they help him every step of the way.

He is the youngest person ever to be interviewed for a feature called Time to Talk in the local newspaper, the Lurgan Mail. He was quite a little charmer in his interview.

Jay has recently been awarded his yellow belt (with a black tip) in Jeet Kune Do. Olivia and Jay both attend lessons every Tuesday night with Martin O’Neill in Clann Eireann. Jay appeared in the Lurgan Mail (once again) for his achievements.

Throughout his achievements, Jay has been in the local and national newspapers on a regular basis and even appeared on BBC Newsline – so he has become quite the local celebrity. He was even asked once to officially open a local shop – Ciaran O’Neill’s revamped photography studio, red ribbon, scissors and all!

Jay is also the mascot for his beloved Celtic No.1 football team. He goes to every match, joins in the huddle and has been known to give the team talk at half-time. The team have all got his name printed on the back of their jerseys and tracksuits.

Recently, Jay met the famous rapper, Dr Dre, and once again Jay and Olivia had their photo put up on a big screen, this time in London. This hit the headlines too!

He really is an amazing little boy one that never ceases to amaze us, his family. We are so very proud of Jay and he has already gone way beyond our expectations. He is such a loving child, but can also be a little imp. He makes us smile constantly. We have often commented on how boring our lives would be without having Down’s syndrome in our world.

Martin & Áine Beatty

Jay's Timeline
  • Jay is born

    Jay's very first photo, 5 minutes after he was born.

  • Jay at the Clark Clinic in The Royal Hospital, aged 3 months old.

    This photograph was taken 10 days after his heart surgery.

  • Jay makes the front page of the 'Irish News'

    Jay was featured in the Irish News for being chosen to appear on the big screen in Times Square, NYC.

  • Jay on the big screen at Times Square!

  • Jay & Co. hit the Lurgan Mail

    Jay was featured in the Lurgan Mail for fundraising and being chosen to advertise the Buddy Walk in America.

  • Advertisement campaign flyer used to promote the Buddy Walk.

    The family photo was taken at the Buddy Walk in NYC in 2005.

  • Jay goes to Drumnamoe Nursery

    He loves Mrs McDonald and all the staff!

  • Jay's first day at Tannaghmore Primary School

    He just marched through the doors on his first day and has loved it ever since!

  • Jay with his favourite assistant Seaneen

    Jay loves Tannaghmore and looks forward to seeing Seaneen, his assistant every day.

  • Jay receives his White Belt!

    Ever the sportsman, Jay receives his white belt from his brilliant Jeet Kune Do teacher Martin O'Neill. He has also recently received his yellow belt!

  • The No.1 star in town opens new premises for Ciaran O'Neill Photography

    Jay was very kindly invited by his good buddies at Ciaran O'Neill Photography to open their new studio in Lurgan.

  • Jay does 'Time to Talk' with the Lurgan Mail

    He is currently the youngest ever to do this!

  • Jay and Olivia

    Jay loves his big sister so much xo

  • Jay is team mascot for Celtic No.1 football team in Lurgan

    Pictured with his team and the Olympic Torch.

  • The Celtic No.1 team show their respect for their No.1 fan!

    Jay the Mascot is very popular around the Celtic No.1 team. The lads adorned 'Jay' branded shirts in respect of their No.1 fan.

  • Dr. Dre meets Jay!

    The big stars of the world like to hang-out with Jay!

  • Jay and Olivia on the big screen in London!

    Why settle for the big screen in New York? Jay and Olivia become stars in London!

  • Jay and his life-long friend (and cousin)...Rita.

    He loves to see Rita and always has a big hug for her.

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