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Jack wasn't comfortable with big crowds - that was until he starred in the hit musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, in front of hundreds of people – a move that inspired both him and those closest to him

"He danced his way through four wonderful performances"

This is Jack Murray. Jack is now 14 and is one of our older members. Until quite recently, Jack had always been a bit wary of big halls crowded with people. But Summer 2012 changed all that.

In June, St Anthony’s Centre in Craigavon advertised auditions for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Well, Jack knows the show from prologue to finale and had no bother in passing his audition. Tuesday and Sunday nights in July and August were spent rehearsing his dances under the expert tuition of choreographers, Helen McCrory and Emma Watson.

And finally, it came. Thursday August 30, the opening night and Jack was able to show off his talent to hundreds of people. He danced his way through four wonderful performances and was greatly helped by 20-year-old Mark Blevins, another boy with Down’s syndrome, who has years of stage experience.

Jack loved every minute of Joseph and gained great confidence. But more importantly, it opened up a whole new circle of friends to him, with everyone treating him as an equal and capable person. He is now looking forward to rehearsals for the next show.

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