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Successful double-heart surgery at just five-weeks-old meant Fíadh was able to go on to live a fulfilling, fun-filled life - something that amazes both the doctors and her parents to this very day

"I'm doing very well and everyone is so proud of me"

Hi everyone, my name is Fíadh Jessica Scullion. When I was a few days old, my mummy and daddy found out that I was Down’s syndrome. Then when I was five-weeks-old, they found out that I had two major heart problems.

I went through double-heart surgery in London when I was six-weeks-old and have not looked back since. I am such a pleasant, smiley little girl, who lights up my whole family’s lives. I have amazed doctors with the speed of my recovery after my surgery.

I have a big brother, Fionan, who has just turned four and he is such a great help for me. He loves to share his toys with me and he reads me stories and draws lovely pictures for me. Fionan also helps me with physiotherapy and makes me copy him rolling around. My mummy says that he is determined to get me crawling really soon. He is such a brilliant big brother!

I am doing really well and everyone is so proud of me, I have achieved things like rolling, grabbing etc. My extra chromosome has not held me back – have I rocked this extra chromosome or what?

Love Fíadh

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