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When Eoin had to undergo heart surgery at eight months, few would have predicted just a few years later, he'd be a young GAA star and swimmer harbouring Special Olympic dreams. But that's exactly where he finds himself, to the delight of his family

"I talk 24/7, but sometimes when I'm out, I pretend to be shy"

Hi, my name is Eoin, I was born in 2004. A week after I was born, my mummy found out I had Down's syndrome.

When I was eight-months-old, I went to hospital to have heart surgery (AVSD repair). The surgery was successful and I spent a week in hospital getting fussed over by the nurses, which helped me get better.

Over the next couple of years, I got a few chest infections, so I was in and out of the hospital, seeing the nice nurses again. I think I've grown out of these chest infections because I haven't had one in a few years. I started walking when I was two and haven't stopped moving since!

I used Makaton signs until I learnt to talk. Now I talk 24/7, just ask my mum! Haha. But sometimes when I'm out, I pretend I'm shy. I started mainstream school in September 2008. I'm now in P3 and reading and writing. I've made lots of friends. I'm a bit of a messer and accidentally flooded the school toilets. Don't tell the headmaster!

I love football and play for the local Gaelic team with some of my school friends. I go to a dance/drama class, you can check out my moves at the annual fundraising disco.

I go to swimming lessons in the local pool and have joined the Special Olympics Swimming Club, so watch out for me competing in a few years' time (well that'll depend on if I stop messing in the pool with my friend, Anna, and start doing what I'm told)! I also love horses, tractors and lorries.

I torture my grandad to take me out on the tractor all the time and sometimes when I'm good, he picks me up from school in the lorry. I'm a really fussy eater, but my favourite food is sausage, potato and gravy.

Oh and how could I forget, my nan's apple tart – its so good! Sometimes I help her make them. Thats all for now, I'm away to play football... Bye

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