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Danielle had a tough start to life, having to be fed through a tube. But as a baby, she just "wanted to hug and kiss everybody". Eighteen years on, she's at college and making her mum and dad very proud

"She loves music, dancing and the actor Simon Baker from The Mentalist"

This is my daughter, Danielle, she is 18-years-old. She was only 5lb 9oz when she was born. Danielle couldn’t suck a bottle, she was fed through a tube and her blood was too thick, so she had to go to neonatal unit, but only for a few days.

She was a great baby was walking at one-and-half-years-old. Danielle loves everyone and when she was younger, she wanted to hug and kiss everybody. She now attends Armagh Southern Regional College, where she is in her second year of the OCR course, a certificate in life and living skills.

She loves music, dancing and the actor, Simon Baker, from The Mentalist. Danielle has two sisters, aged six and three, and a brother, aged two, who she loves so much and they her too. We are very proud of Danielle and so glad that she is in our lives. We wouldn’t change her for the world. I think parents like us are so lucky.

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