Meet Liam's Mum

This time last year was a very exciting, yet scary time. I had some idea of what lay ahead – my son would need open-heart surgery at around six to nine months, he would soon be in heart failure and need great care, he had Down’s syndrome and could be delayed in certain areas of development.

What I didn’t know, though, was how truly kind and helpful people could be, how great the support out there is from health professionals and organisations such as Children’s Heartbeat Trust and Down’s & Proud, how many new friends we would make, how you quickly learn to do things you never dreamt you would simply because you have to, how there will always be so many families in a far worse position.

One thing I really didn’t know, however, was how wonderful having a son with Down’s syndrome is. Every milestone is an amazing achievement, which you relish. Their smile cures all complaints, no matter how big. How proud I am of my son and what he has achieved in his short life. Happy birthday my cute little baby boy. You have taught me so much

Bronagh McCavigan



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