Meet Jay's Mum

Jay came into our lives on 23rd December 2003. I had no idea that my new baby was going to have Down’s syndrome and was really shocked to learn this.

The whole time I was in the hospital I cried, to the point that the nurse said she had never saw someone cry as much in all her days in the hospital! I didn’t understand much about Down’s syndrome but the one thing I did know was that I loved the little baby boy in my arms. I just kept thinking ahead and worrying about how life was going to treat Jay. On Christmas Day we got out of hospital and I began to think more clearly and as long as Jay was with me I only had to look at him and I knew everything would be ok.

One week later Jay was rushed to the Royal after serious problems were discovered with his heart. He stayed in Clark Clinic and had open heart surgery and fought every single obstacle that came in his way, and he had many obstacles. From that journey driving behind him in the ambulance I have never cried about Jay having Down’s syndrome again. My big regret is that I didn’t have balloons tied to Jays cot when he was born and that we didn’t crack open the champagne to celebrate him having Down’s syndrome because if I had of known then what I know now and even had an insight of the amazing journey that we all have been on with Jay, it was truly worth celebrating.

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I have not had to worry at all about how life has treated Jay because Jay is making his own mark in life, he has reached so many goals and he has touched the hearts of so many people.

Jay Beatty is a very special boy in every way and he seems to leave a lasting impression with every single person that he meets. I am so proud of him and everything he has achieved and so very proud to be his Mummy. Jay very often tells me that I am his hero but without a doubt he is mine.

Áine Beatty (better known as Jay’s Mummy)


Aine Beatty, Jay's Mum

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