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P3 pupil, Niall, is a busy boy - if the Man United fan isn't mastering his sums, he's enjoying ice cream with his granny or scoring goals and hoping to become the next Wayne Rooney

"I like to lie up, eating chocolate stars, while watching my favourite DVDs"

Hello my name is Niall. In my family I have got two big brothers, called Brendan and Micheal. Brendan is 12 years old and Micheal is 11 years old.  I love playing with my big brothers.  When I play football with Micheal I am always the winner!

My best friend is called Ralph. Ralph and I go on holidays together to Portstewart.  We love building sandcastles on the beach.  We put on our wetsuits and run in and out of the waves. After tea we go down to Morelli’s for ice cream and that is my favourite treat. 

My favourite TV programmes are ‘Horrid Henry’ and the ‘Simpsons.’

I am in Primary Three in Holy Trinity Primary School and I really enjoy all the new work that I am doing. In our World Around Us class I am learning all about myself and my senses. I am learning to write and I can add and take away my sums. I use numicon which helps me to work out the answers for my sums. In school I get to do lots of jobs and my favourite job is ringing the bell in the canteen. I love it so much that I find it hard to stop! I have lots of friends in class and I really enjoy playing with them in the yard. 

Every Saturday I go to my Granny’s and she takes me for ice cream. She gives me my own money and I am able to go up to the counter to buy the ice cream myself. After my ice cream she brings me for a long walk and I am very tired when I get home. My mum and dad put the fire on and I lie up and watch my favourite DVD’s (Horrid Henry, Fire Man Sam, Simpsons and Laural and Hardy) eating my chocolate stars.

I am now a member of the Beaver scouts and I go to my scout meeting every Thursday night. We have a special song that we sing every night and we play lots of fun games.

I am a member of ‘Ripples’ swimming club. I really love swimming. My Mum says ‘I’m like a little fish.’ I go to the swimming club every Friday night. I meet my friends there. I can even swim in the big pool.

On Saturday mornings my Dad, myself and my big brother Brendan go bowling. I meet all my friends there and I am doing really well.

I really enjoy riding my bicycle (I got a new bike for Christmas) and I have got very good at it. I can even use the brakes now and I am careful not to go on the road. We took my bike on holidays this year to Portstewart and I was able to ride it on the beach.

I play soccer after school one day every week. I put on my Man. United football strip and march down to the youth centre with my little friend Daragh and his mum. I really enjoy scoring goals and I love running around with my hands in the air and everyone cheering.

I have now got my own I pad and love playing on it. I am able to use for all kinds of games and for looking at photographs.

Niall's Timeline
  • Niall just loves to swing!

  • Me and my big brothers!

  • I am a great cyclist!

  • I just love Birthdays and blowing out candles!

  • I love working on my Computer!

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